A Bedtime Tale (The Forgotten Tales)

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When it opens up, hop up onto some rocks to the left and walk on them heading East until you find the mark to stand on. Then look to East by South East for the two objects.

For the step 3, I got this sentence: Nothing is lost, nothing is spoiled, I obey gold and greed The image is the one of the raw boat and the shark on Discovery Ridge but there is nothing here or at the other places of Discovery Ridge. Please help me find that bottle! Anyone now this riddle? This game is so broken hahaha.

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I lost the Totem to another crew can I get it back or do I need to fight them and steal it back again or do I need to reset the mission. You could fight them to get it back but it might be a better use of your time to just start again. So after i got the counterweight, i lost my ship to the kraken cause apparently i didnt have wood.

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Swam back to shore with the stupid barrel and found a rowboat. Brought the totem to crescent isle, got into the vault. Then i made into nearly all the way through the 3rd wave when i was crackshotted by the captain and stuck in a wall. Teleported back to my ship and the quest failed. I hated this quest for the same reason. I put hours into this quest. The quest should not fail at the end if you die from the coral skeletons after all that work! I got crossed the sea now lost for days, I feel a red peircing gaze. How many waves? Just went through about ten or so and no Capt, no totem… Ugh… Bedtime.

It is much less than forts and super easy if you use traps.

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Took me like 5 minutes to clear, maybe less. I love all the people that whine about this already easy game having something slightly difficult. I hope the devs. Gaming needs to go back to how it use to be. Keep weeding out the weak Rare.

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Why do the new players need to be chased off? YOU are actively killing this game. Anyone know where it is? I just found it after hours… Its west sid of island standing on cliff about the outer islands looking straight down there is a fish and a busted crate. Hmm, that one sounds tricky. Which island? Discovery or Plunder?

If you find it, we would love a screenshot of it so we can share it with other pirates. Sounds like physical objects and not rock paintings though.

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  4. Perhaps a skeleton with rum bottles surrounded by them? Align with the wheelbarrow and the skeleton. Hey i have a piece of this that you need it is another thing you guys left out how do i upload it. Oh awesome! We are always looking for things that the community has found. Idk if its just me as a solo player but that fight to the lair captain is long and drawn out.

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    Rum and sea forever my fate, iron barrel of fiery hate I forgot this riddle on plunder valley. I have The red sun rises gifting light, the blue moon shines bright at night but can not seem to find the red sun and blue moon as indicated in the screenshot anywhere. Any help would be appreciated thanks. On the southeast side of the island, down below on the beach there is a big rock face up against the cliff wall.

    They are painted there. I died on captain wave and the captain wont wasnt there when i cam back, I can still hear music, but there is no totem or captain, andyone know how to fix this? Walk forward a tiny bit. Did ALL the grind to finally get to the tomb only to die on the third wave of coral skeletons. What a crap piece of game design. Hope you all have better luck peeps. Great find! Thank you so much for posting.

    We will get this added to the guide soon. I am sure it will help so many other pirates out there who also get this riddle. Same thing, game lagged I got killed third wave… wtf rare?! This guide is helpful to a limited extent as it doesnt help you find the location of the clues on Plunder Valley by showing these pics.

    We have the exact locations on our map found here. We have been meaning to add screenshots of the locations on the map to the pictures in this guide. We will get on that! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Apple Pirates Click Here. Android Pirates Click Here. If you jump off the island into the water you will be just fine.

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    I finished it solo but it took almost 5 hours! I added another picture to the guide to help you find the rock you need to stand on. Sorry I meant Discovery Ridge, you need to look at a barrel and a wood box. In step 3 I got Ruin an Sea forever my date , iron barrel of firey hate. Can someone help? Teleported back to my ship and the quest failed Good job Rare. In the middle of island the sea friends are Seahorses paint.

    At the west part of the island is a bird shrine thingy.

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    Is this on Discovery Ridge or Plunder Valley? Thanks for sharing!