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David Haidak is saving lives. Goodrich is trying out retirement. Ed Herrington is passing the business on to the next generation. Jeri Langham is leading Bird Tours. Phil Nelson is busy visiting family. Rich Van Ort is getting healthy. He has visited Jerry. Nicholas a few times in the last year or so. They both went to Princeton from Berkshire; we always wondered where Richard went. Kate and I have three grandsons. The purpose of the Institute is to enhance and support the public relations and journalism educational programs within the communication and media degree program and the public relations major within the School of Business at Utica College.

Life is good. Too many options. I was able to get to New Hampshire and Maine a lot this year to cross country ski more than usual, which I guess takes advantage of my new free time. I immediately went back to sea for several weeks out of Alaska into the Arctic on the Coast. You can find the article at www. His smile went from ear to ear.

Finding Hope - 3:00 AM - [1 Hour Version]

I know as an adult he loved cigars and tennis and stayed close with the Youngs. I also know he always said what he meant and many things he left unsaid spoke to the warm feelings in his heart. Jen, my link with reality, is maintaining the homestead and keeping me in line.

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A very unique way of going to sea. I took advantage of doing a bunch of hikes I love in Dutch Harbor near Anchorage on the way home. Geoff captained Mr. On the field, he did it all: pitched, outfielded, ran and hit well. He was tough, focused and clutch. Off the field, he was playful, a bit of a mischief-maker. Still above the ground here in Southern California. My daughter Halowe is living at home and.

Mark is ten years old, loves classic English breakfasts, coloring neatly between the lines, math, rock climbing, baseball, and hockey. He is sure to be a heartbreaker in a few years. I was fortunate, amidst his daunting cleanup, that he took me for a boat cruise with his lovable dog. In he started Outside Hilton Head an outdoor outfitter. Next, the Eipper women united in Florida! Alice Ehrenclou Cole and her husband, Wally.

As per usual, Annie has no information on what position Nat plays or what the score was but is happy to report that Vassar is a beautiful campus and that it was great to see Nat. The wine is great and the pours are generous. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, as they say. Communities thrive on communication. Check us out at www. We are always looking for interns, freelancers, and creative talent.

New clients welcome, too; you can reach out at learnard d4creative.

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I literally had not seen him in 29 years and his table was right next to ours. It was so much fun. Brooks decided to join his big brother Carter under the Mountain. Class of and Class of Go Bears! Looking forward to spending more time under the Mountain.

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Rockwell work, which first debuted at the Warren Family Gallery at Berkshire in Please stop by and see it if you are in the area. We look forward to spending lots of time under the Mountain. The division had over 10, participants. I am currently four workouts away from competing in the Crossfit Games this summer.

The couple resides in Hillsdale, NY where they have a small farm. Jules Lemire juleslemire gmail. So many wonderful memories of our time under the Mountain! Big brothers Johnny and Charlie holding their new brother, Thomas Philippou. Over a period of two decades, she traveled to many different cities and countries, capturing the joyous and haunting moments that document the rich bonds of family life. You can find the book on Amazon and at select independent bookstores. My next adventure will begin in August, in northern New Mexico where I will start working on the Navajo reservation.

Raising Hope

This will be an exciting move, and I cannot wait to get out of the city and back in the mountains. All are welcome to come visit! We are keeping busy with our month-old twins, Sylvia and Soren. With it, I have plans to expand my competition equine business into a therapy program as well. I would love for Berkshire to have an equestrian program again. I would totally run it! Irish twins! These past few months have been the best yet. My husband, Bill, and I welcomed our.

He is the happiest baby ever. My daughter, Brooke, is the best big sister anyone could ask for. She continues to excel at school and play high-level competitive soccer in the age range above her. We hope everyone is doing well and is enjoying life to the fullest! I have accepted a fellowship in ear surgery at the University of Toronto to become a hearing restoration and cochlear implant surgeon to start July Chris Buonomo cjbuonomo gmail.

We recently started a podcast for it, The Bullpen Cart, which just got on iTunes. The biggest changes.

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It was a great four years after college, which allowed me to grow a lot professionally and as a person, and do a variety of things like coaching, advising and dorm parenting. It was bittersweet to leave Berkshire, but I am very excited for what the future has in store. We had drinks at the Shard, saw a concert at the Ministry of Sound, and enjoyed some tea in Borough Market. My favorite part of the trip was the London Eye, where Joshua asked me to marry him.

Spending my free time hiking in the rainforest, cycling and training for the five Ironman Looking out to the Cascades and Olympics, I sometimes think back to Black Rock and South Pinnacle and how much fun it was to live nestled in the mountains. I am excited about this new opportunity after graduating from the Indiana University Media School. Read the article at www.

Currently, one of the top Division I goalies in the nation. Penn has been ranked in the top 15 for the entire season, currently sitting at In Memoriam The Berkshire School community extends its sincere condolences to the families of the following alumni and friends of the School.