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Every now and then Izuku would go on dates. As far as Katsuki could tell, none ever lasted longer than a handful of evenings out, Izuku claiming work stress as the culprit, extinguishing whatever initial interest there may have been. While he knew his parents loved him, and he could now see as a grown up that his parents personalities suited each other well, life with them growing up had been volatile, noisy, stressful.

Pro heroing is hard work and he only has enough time and energy in a day, none of which he intends to spend maintaining romantic ties with some extra. Every so often, he would cruise the bars and take his pick of willing participants for a couple of hours of sex at the nearest love hotel. Simple, uncomplicated. He has never brought anyone back to the home he shared with Izuku, never talked about it. Through years of breakfast topics and lazy evening chats, he has never brought it up. Katsuki had a good beer buzz going on. Izuku, as always, was barely tipsy.

Unless he drinks fast enough to court alcohol poisoning, his accelerated metabolism will generally process the alcohol out of system as soon as he ingests it. The hickey was long gone now. Katsuki spent the evening watching how Izuku sat with one side pressed close to Todoroki. Katsuki wonders if those same inexpressive lips could have been the ones to give Izuku the red purple marks, the idea souring the beer in his mouth. He looked into shocked green eyes and leaned in.

He waited, giving Izuku the chance to push him away.

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He kissed him deep, hungry for contact. It was hot, heady. Katsuki never wants this to stop and at the same time he wants more. Katsuki wanted to see him like this all the time.

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Katsuki was all for hastily tossed clothes and frenetic groping but Izuku slowed them down. Deku had been called to be part of an emergency rescue mission up north. A series of avalanches had trapped remote villages. Katsuki sat up in bed, still naked, a sheet over his hips but leaving his chest bare. Izuku came over, sat on the edge of the bed.

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Izuku was gone for almost three weeks. The disaster was big enough that some international pro heroes had arrived to provide assistance. He came back exhausted, a tired smile and hi, Kacchan on his lips, before he fell into bed and stayed there for almost 24 hours. He woke up once to eat the soup Katsuki prepared and promptly fell back asleep. Izuku still laughed, still gave him sleepy sweet smiles with his good morning, Kacchan. He went to a bar and picked up a pretty girl with a bright smile. Two weeks later he was with a young man with deep red purple eyes.

He doesn't know why but sex with strangers had become satisfying in an unsatisfying way. It relieves the itch without making it go away. Six months later, Izuku had gone off on an international conference for pro heroes. Katsuki had been invited as well but his left leg was on a cast, an injury sustained in a villain attack. Izuku had been taking care of him and to his irritation, had conscripted Uraraka to check in on Katsuki while Izuku is away.

He was gone for 2 weeks. Uraraka thought he was bored with his forced inactivity. The conference led to an invitation for pro hero Deku to come to the the US. A sort of mash-up between good will mission and training exercises. He would be gone for a month this time. Izuku texted, video called sometimes, always chirping happily about the interesting people he meets.

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Katsuki thinks back to the time right after they graduated from UA, back before they began living together. It was nothing compared to what he feels now. Izuku unexpectedly extended his stay in the US for another 3 weeks. Katsuki was fit to burst, pissed off, feeling betrayed. Izuku had apologized, laughing, but offered no real explanation. Only that he wanted to stay and explore the city more, now that the training exercise was over. He still called, still texted but Katsuki could feel something was happening behind the happy smiles.

Knowing that Izuku was back in the country, close enough to see and touch and just a train ride away, made Katsuki feel both better and worse. The lease to their home was up for renewal. They had been thinking of moving to a bigger place. They can afford better places now but neither had brought up the idea of living separately. Katsuki had spent the last few weeks looking at apartment listings. They could view them together now that Izuku is back. Katsuki wanted a place on a higher floor. Izuku wanted space to raise plants. A balcony would be a good compromise.

When did Izuku worm his way into his heart like this. How did Katsuki not notice? Izuku looked happy, really happy, in a way Katsuki has not seen him be in a long while. But he was nervous as well. Izuku had met someone.

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Met him at the rescue mission up in Hokkaido almost a year ago. Met him again at the international conference. It was his agency that invited Deku to the US. He spent the last 3 weeks with him. They were madly in love and before Izuku left for Japan, had asked Izuku to marry him. Izuku had said yes. They plan to marry in the spring in the US.

He had an extensive family and relations, while Izuku can just as easily fly his mom in for the wedding.

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This changed things. Instead of going back to work, Izuku is just back to coordinate with his agency, fix the paperwork. There is a job waiting for him back in the US. He plans to live there. And Izuku was happy. Katsuki could see it. His green eyes glowed they way they once did when Izuku looked at Katsuki, back when he still loved him. He makes me so happy!

Katsuki moves out of their apartment when the lease expires. He moves to a single bedroom unit, on a higher floor, with no balcony for flowers. In his mind, he carries an image of a young Izuku on a lovely spring day, against the backdrop of morning glories in full bloom, crying, smiling at him even as Katsuki broke his heart.

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The flower prompt for this fic is morning glory, signifying 'unrequited love'.