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The Doctor and Donna discover they are in Pompeii. TV : The Fires of Pompeii. For her first trip in time, the Doctor accidentally took Donna to 79 Pompeii , where they discovered Mount Vesuvius was on the verge of eruption. Initially determined to escape to avoid tampering with the fixed point in time , the TARDIS was sold to the marble merchant Lobus Caecilius before the Doctor could return to it.

Despite trying to leave when he reunited with it, the Doctor took an interest in the stone circuits the augur Lucius Petrus Dextrus had designed for Caecilius to make. The Doctor discovered Pyroviles were attempting to take over the Earth after losing their own world by converting humans into their own kind by using the circuits as an energy converter. The Doctor and Donna examine Delta Fifty. TV : Planet of the Ood.

Upon finding a dying Ood, the Doctor was shocked to see it display red eyes; worried that he may run into an old foe , he decided to investigate. They soon discovered that Oods were born with secondary brains, which gave them individuality; however, they were lobotomised and had the translator put in its place. The Doctor and Donna returned to Hollywood a year later to find that Amelia and Alan had got married. Soon after, the Doctor and Donna visited a dairy farm in and defeated turbine-shaped plant creatures. The Doctor and Donna stopped the robot prejudice Cult of Shining Darkness from carrying out their plans, but at the cost of the cultists being caught in an explosion.

The Doctor encounters Sontarans. TV : The Sontaran Stratagem. Rattigan, having been betrayed by the Sontarans, sacrificed his life to destroy the flagship with the converter, swapping places with the Doctor at the last minute. Initially critical of the girl due to her predilection for violence and reminded of the loss of his family, the Doctor came to feel for his daughter after much persuasion and help from Donna.

After the Doctor activated the Source , a terraforming device that had become a subject of mythology, Messaline became inhabitable and the war between humans and Hath on the planet ended. Heartbroken, the Doctor became tempted to execute the detained general, but overcame the urge, and used his resistance in order to help found a new society on the planet.

The Doctor searches for Charlemagne. TV : The Unicorn and the Wasp. Deep in the Ardennes, the Doctor rescued Charlemagne from an insane computer. The Doctor and Donna meet Agatha Christie. Working with Agatha Christie , the Doctor became embedded with a murder mystery at Eddison Manor in The Doctor dropped her off at the Harrogate Hotel.

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He explained to Donna that Ms. Marple and Murder on the Orient Express were written because she gave Agatha the ideas, which her subconscious remembered. Whilst dealing with a small dinosaur situation, the Doctor found the time to give William Shakespeare a hand writing The Tempest.

When he left, one of the robots supposedly attacked Brian. The Doctor was concerned when no one was fanatic about the new tablet computer, which he thought was weird for humanity. He thought that Jill Meadows was the finest mind in IT of that age. After the deaths of Brian and Lukas , he was determined to solve the problem before more deaths occurred. He shut off his higher brain function so that he could work. He reversed the Koggnossenti signal and defeated them by making them stupid.

However, the Doctor reprogrammed her and left the robot to live a peaceful life on an alien world. Delta told Special Agent Ratner that though it was true that Antelect had not committed theft through manipulating chronometers, he was guilty of thirty-seven counts of theft, ninety-two counts of misleading the public through illegal telepathic manipulation, and one hundred and thirteen counts of cruelty to a sentient life form — namely Ood Delta.

The Doctor advised Ratner to check the security videos for the shows Antelect performed at, and Antelect was arrested. The Doctor next took Donna to a leisure planet called Splendorosa , where they visited a floating city called Coral. The Doctor stopped them by disrupting their ships, bringing Coral City back to the land in the process.

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Answering a distress signal in the Arctic Circle, the Doctor and Donna met Professor Renfrew and joined him and his team in their search for the corpses of ten miners. However, they were all killed by the Spanish flu. With his army dead, the Doctor returned Issaxyr to Mars to help rebuild the Ice Warrior civilisation.

The Doctor and Donna visited China during the Qin dynasty , where they were thrown into a crater for being foreigners and faced a robotic soldier made of ceramics. Donna defeated it by disrupting the control signal with her mobile phone. Donna made a call on her mobile phone, stopping the signal that paralysed Qin Shi Huang, waking him up again. While Qin Shi Huang and Meng were fighting each other, Meng shot at the warp converter , which shut down the Emperor and the Army, while also burying the whole palace in an explosion. The Doctor and Donna escaped the exploding palace. Arriving on the International Space Station in , the Doctor formed an alliance with researcher Truman Truss to battle space insects called the Mange Mites.

The Doctor was reading a collection of short stories when he realised that the words of one of them, Variations by David Banderson , changed each time it was read. He pulled Banderson away from the computer and began typing at a speed that drew the entire creature into his words. The Doctor then printed the first pages of the story, with the creature trapped in its pages, and deleted all the text from the computer file.

The Doctor and Donna went behind the stage to ask the Child, what he wanted. The Doctor and Donna were thrown out. He also said the music being played was its cry for freedom.

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He was intrigued about why someone was trying to enforce law and order on the planet. He was disgusted when he saw evidence of Time Reaver guns on the planet and wanted to find out where they had come from.