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Dru gives him the best side eye. Because WilliamSpike is super special, see, and despite everything vampire lore has taught us, WilliamSpike still cares about his mom. Contrivance shots! Or hungry. Momma is really confused so WilliamSpike hugs her, vamps out behind her back and sinks her teeth into her.

Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire- Mom Singing *Requested*

Because this season is making the First both the biggest and smallest danger there ever was, Buffy figures this is as good a time as any for Willow to mysteriously disappear, so off she goes. Or, more precisely, that he was Angelus again.

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Or at least the OLD Buffy would have. Buffy heads over to unchain Spike. Buffy already has. And without a backward glance to spare, she and Spike take off upstairs. She better be taking him to a secluded location to get in touch with his feels. Something needs to be done.

He also knows that Spike killed his mother. He wants Giles to keep Buffy away for a few hours. Supernatural fans, give me your best crossover headcanon down in the comments. Is this really a primo time for a training session? Giles got Buffy to go out on a training session? Giles tells Buffy that he may not be her Watcher anymore, but the lessons he can impart to her are still very important.

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He wants her to look at the big picture. Wood is unlocking the door to his garage, a place he calls his sanctuary. He walks in, Spike behind him, saying he understands the need to let off some steam. When Wood turns on the lights, though, the walls are all lined with wooden crosses. Like, I get that a vampire can see a cross from a distance and not recoil. But this is a metric fuckton of crucifixes, pretty close by. Surely he should have SOME reaction? Or just Whedon forgetting how to vampire again???

Spike watches Wood start up a computer.

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  5. He asks the principal what his story is. Wood claims he has no story. Just trying to make a difference. He opens a desk drawer that holds some crazy gauntlet-like fighting things. Scientific term, that is. Wood reveals that his mother was Nikki and Spike asks if this means Wood is going to kill him. Wood wants to kill the monster who killed his mother. He presses play on his computer and Early One Morning starts up.

    Spike vamps out. After a Not Break, WilliamSpike comes home and calls out for his mother.

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    She comes forward looking much healed. She thanks William rather insincerely, though WilliamSpike is not catching on to that. Present Day. Wood decks SleeperSpike in the face. Spike is never just Spike. Spike is always Spike with a caveat or a crutch. Those two fight and the scene is cut with flashbacks to the scene with Momma and WilliamSpike. Present: Wood hits SleeperSpike. Flashback: Momma verbally hits WilliamSpike and he winces.

    Wood presses SleeperSpike into a cross-covered wall. Momma says that WilliamSpike will always be sentimental fool. But, like, an evil one with no soul and a questionable capacity for emotions, but you get it. Wood has Spike down on the floor and punches him in the face repeatedly, asking if this is what Nikki felt when he toyed with her and snapped her neck. Cut to the cemetery.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer S07 E17 – Save the drama for your momma.

    Buffy is fighting the newly risen vampire. Just as Buffy is about to stake him, Giles tells her not to. Giles says things are different now. Now, she would let Dawn die. The vampire gets up again and the fight continues. Giles says that any of them are expendable in the war, that they cannot let any threat jeopardize their victory. Buffy apparently did not see this coming at all, and she gets knocked down by the newly risen vamp. In flashback, Momma starts to take things incest-y, and I think she says something about how WilliamSpike just wants to get back inside her but I block most of that out because EW.

    He breaks the cane and and apologizes to his momma.

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    In the flashback, Spike stakes his mother. Spike kicks Wood away. Back in his normal face, and not any worse for the beating he just took, Spike fights Wood back now. S: Bonus points for ignoring that detail just on the heels of the misogynistic choice-robbing bullshit that was the Slayer origin story revealed in E Spike is easily deflecting Wood and getting good punches in of his own.

    Spike grabs Wood and flings his across the garage and into a wall. Wood is down for the count. Spike goes on that all Slayers are the same in that they fight alone. Spike knows now that his mother, his non-vamped mother, loved him with all her heart.

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    Spike walks over to the computer and plays the song, but this time it has no effect on him. He thanks Wood for his hand in curing him. After a Not Break, Giles is still going on about what a liability Spike is, and Buffy rehashes all the same shit about Spike being a totes amazing warrior and also having a soul now, so all arguments are invalid. After all this, Buffy finally cottons on to Giles stalling her. She stakes the newly risen vamp and takes off running. Dear, sweet Lord. Spike opens the door to the garage and motions to Wood who is sitting down, slumped against the wall.

    Spike: I gave him a pass. Let him live.

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    On account of the fact I killed his mother. I have a mission to win this war, to save the world. The mission is what matters. Chez Summers.