What Is Wrong With Scientology?: Healing Through Understanding

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And they had elected a fellow by the name of Xenu to the supreme ruler. And they were about to unelect him. He took these last moments to really upset it. He of course had several key birds who were close to him. He was a suppressive to end all suppressives. He got these administrators and so on and heads of planets in various positions and places. This is one of the big ideas they had, that they just did all this, then they'd get rid of all overpopulation. These planets averaged billion human beings per planet.

He picked off all the cowboys in the white hat, and he got rid of them first fast, and then troops, not knowing what the hell they were doing, but fed all kinds of false orders, were fed in against the population to pick them up, one after the other, rat-atat-tat-atat-tat-atat-tat. So in they went, and the troops started slaughtering them, and the trick was to shoot somebody, disable somebody, very often a needle into a lung, and at the same time to hit him with frozen alcohol and glycol, which preparation is guaranteed to pick up a thetan.

All they had to do was pick him up and put him into a refrigerator, and they had him boy. Because if he tried to exteriorize from the body, there he was frozen. And they threw them into collection points. Boxed them up in boxes, threw them into space planes which are the exact copies - DC8's, the DC8 aeroplane is the exact copy of the space plane of that day. No difference. Except the DC8 had fans, propellers on it and the space plane didn't.

And they threw them into refrigerated units. And so on. The length of time from the planet Coltus to the planet Teegeeack, which is the name of this planet, was nine weeks, and you'll see that it's many light years.

What is Wrong with Scientology, Part I: Destruction is in its DNA

Coltus is one of the planets, and is to this day one of the planets of the North Star. And people were ferried in here by the billions and the billions and the billions and they were ferried in here with boxes. And they were put in boxes and stacked around. And the people who were on this planet already just caught it in the teeth. They weren't bothered.. They just shot their administrators from guns, and shot their control points out and they took these people in boxes and so forth and they dumped them and then they set off hydrogen bombs on the top of each primary volcano there is on this particular planet and when they blew up it blew the thetans into the air and after the bomb an electronic ribbon, which also was a type of standing wave was erected over the area.

The tremendous winds of the planet blew every thetan there was straight into those particular vacuum zones which had been created. These were brought down, packed up, and put in front of projection machines which with sound and color pictures first gave them the implant which you know as Clearing Course and then a whole track implanted which you know as OT II. After this, however, up about a.. Every man is then shown to have been crucified, so don't think that it's an accident that this crucifixion.. Somebody, somewhere on this planet, back about BC, found some pieces of R6. And I don't know how they found it, either by watching mad men or something but since that time they have used it and it became what is known as Christianity.

The man on the cross.

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There was no Christ but the man on the cross is shown as every man so of course each person seeing a crucified man has an immediate feeling of sympathy for this man. So is the psychiatrist shown crucified, although the psychiatrist is a dominant character and that's how he gets away with what he gets away with.

He electric shocks people. The entirety of Roman Catholicism, the devil, all this sort of thing, that is all part of R6. It goes on for about thirty six days and then these poor bastards were let wander out.. After they were packaged up they were blown off into space and let 'em go to hell. About, well relatively, almost modern times..

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It's gradually worked through various areas of barbarism and once more R6 tailor made it to be nothing but a cave man civilization. But nevertheless they moved up the line and they moved up towards the dramatization of R6, and that is what man calls progress. When they get cold it restimulates frozen alcohol and glycol as a mix and therefore they get into a dramatization. The body thetan trying to make him sick, or something like that.

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So the sickness is very closely tied in with R6. Quite in addition to that one of the volcanoes Japan on its explosion gave a certain definite implant that tells people when and how to be sick. They're supposed to be sick at five they're supposed to be sick at ten, they're supposed to be sick and so on.

Autopsy reports showed that Elli Perkins was stabbed 77 times. Jeremy was charged with second degree murder but found not responsible by reason of mental disease. Jeremy is on psychotropic medications , which court psychiatrists state have not cured him, but have stabilized his condition.

Scientology - HISTORY

Noah Lottick was an American student of Russian studies who committed suicide on May 11, , by jumping from a 10th-floor hotel window, clutching his only remaining money in his hands. They stated to Time magazine that he told them that his Scientologist teachers were telepathic , and that his father's heart attack was purely psychosomatic.

Lottick's suicide was profiled in a Time cover story that was highly critical of Scientology, " The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power ", which received the Gerald Loeb Award , [73] [75] and later appeared in Reader's Digest. Lottick's father, Dr. Edward Lottick , stated that his initial impression of Scientology was that it was similar to Dale Carnegie 's techniques. However, after his son's death, his opinion was that the organization is a "school for psychopaths ".

After Dr. Dr and Mrs Lottick submitted affidavits affirming "the accuracy of each statement in the article", and stating that Dr Lottick had "concluded that Scientology therapies were manipulations". They said that no Scientology staff members attended the funeral of their son.


The Church of Scientology issued a press release denying any responsibility for Lottick's suicide. Petersburg Times as saying that Lottick had an argument with his parents four days before his death. I think Ed Lottick made his son's life intolerable. The Church of Scientology is frequently accused by critics of employing brainwashing. The controversy about the existence of cultic brainwashing has become one of the most polarizing issues among cult followers, academic researchers of cults, and cult critics.

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Parties disagree about the existence of a social process attempting coercive influence, and also disagree about the existence of the social outcome—that people become influenced against their will. One alleged example of the Church's possible brainwashing tactics is the Rehabilitation Project Force , to which church staff are assigned to work off alleged wrongdoings under conditions that many critics characterize as degrading. Critics of Scientology have also accused L. Ron Hubbard of authoring The Brainwashing Manual , but these accusations have not been confirmed.

Hubbard did publish a copy of this manual on two technical bulletins, "for the benefit of the auditors who may face victims of brainwashing". Hubbard discussed brainwashing in several of his works, but these, "expose brainwashing as something that should not be practiced", and "the practice of brainwashing could only end up in disaster". The final results of the Anderson Report in declared:. Scientology techniques are, nevertheless, a kind of brainwashing The astonishing feature of Scientology is that its techniques and propagation resemble very closely those set out in a book entitled Brain-washing , advertised and sold by the HASI ".

The Church of Scientology has been criticized for their practice of " disconnection " in which Scientologists are directed to sever all contact with family members or friends who criticize the faith. Critics including ex-members and relatives of existing members say that this practice has divided many families.


By making its members entirely dependent upon a social network entirely within the organization, critics assert that Scientologists are kept from exposure to critical perspectives on the church and are put in a situation that makes it extremely difficult for members to leave the church, since apostates will be shunned by the Church and have already been cut off from family and friends. The Church of Scientology acknowledges that its members are strongly discouraged from associating with "enemies of Scientology", and likens the disconnection policy to the practice of shunning in religions such as the Amish.

However, there is a consensus of religious scholars who oppose Scientology's practice: "I just think it would be better for all concerned if they just let them go ahead and get out and everyone goes their own way, and not make such a big deal of it, the policy hurts everybody. You do everything you can to keep unity in the group. Flinn, Washington University , St.